That time I went trekking…and what I ate on the way

Trekking….you might be thinking what relation does it have to baking. Well let me make it clear right now, it does not. And that is what I was about to find out when I ventured on a 12day trekking trip in Nepal without any prior experience- The Manaslu Circuit Trek. The idea was obviously quite foolish but it had been a while since I had done something new, something totally out of my comfort zone and I really wanted to re-discover myself in a different setting. So off I went, throwing caution to the wind and this is the story of how it went and what I ate on the way. Continue reading


Of abandoned birthday cakes and over-indulgence|What I ate in Singapore

My recent trip to Singapore was a great one and here’s a not-so little highlight reel of (almost) all that I ate.

On my first morning, I went for a classic Eggs benedict with Salmon. Usually, the sight of a single poached egg with its runny yolk is what makes my morning every day now imagine how happy I was to see not one but two poached eggs together 😀

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