The Best Red Velvet Cupcakes in Dhaka!


Red Velvet the name itself gives off an air of mystery.While the red color catches your eye, its the cream cheese frosting that is the hero of this creation.Whether as a cake or a cupcake, this dessert usually tastes as amazing as it looks. A lot of places in Dhaka now have Red Velvet cake or cupcake in their menu and after tasting a variety of them and carrying out some informal surveys, here are the top places in Dhaka where you can get your Red Velvet fix. Continue reading


Weather Friendly Frosting: Ganache

img_9310Dearest reader, is the humidity getting to you too?

The weather in Dhaka, Bangladesh is definitely not frosting friendly this time of the year. Between the heat and the rain, it’s a mission to keep piped frosting upright during an outdoor event. But have no fear; we’re here to do the testing! Here are two frosting that (in my experience) have been able to endure the crazy character that is Bangladeshi weather. Continue reading