Strawberry and Banana Loaf cake | Recipe

My first bake with strawberries this season is a twist to one of my most favourite cakes of all time, the banana bread. This loaf cake is such a delight that you’ll want to bake it everyday… and the best news is, you can-because the recipe is that easy to whip up.


The little pockets of strawberries add a refreshing punch to the warm cinnamon-y base of the cake. It’s a great comfort cake but you can also turn it into a glamorous dessert by warming a slice in the oven and serving it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!
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The Banana Bread – surprisingly simple and good!

Looking at the weather today, I thought it’s a pretty fine day to write about….bananas! Why not?

Woke up to my alarm this morning to see that it still dark outside and it’s pouring rain. I reached for my phone, thinking that it was probably 4 am and I still have hours before I have to wake up for office.To my surprise and disappointment it was 8 am so I had no other option then to part with my lovely bed on such a cozy morning. Unlike this morning, this banana bread that I’m talking about was a pleasant surprise!

Banana bread

I was skeptical about it for I assumed it tasted like our deshi banana pitha (“kola’r” pitha) which I don’t like at all because it smells so strongly of banana. It was this unpleasant experience with kolar pitha which held me back from trying out the banana bread despite seeing bloggers and vloggers rave about how tasty and easy it was to make.

Then one day my Dadu, fed-up of how she has to still nag everyone to eat fruits at home placed a basket of over-ripe bananas in front of me and said, ‘Use them up, make a custard or something, everybody likes that.” That’s when inspiration struck and I said to myself nope, not making an easy-peasy custard, today is the day I find out how these overripe and unattractive bananas are transformed into this talked about banana cake.

I was already impressed when I saw how easy it is to make; you literally need 2 bowls, a spatula and a fork.Place your dry ingredients in a large bowl, in a smaller bowl mix your wet ingredients which are eggs, melted butter,vanilla and mashed bananas and pour them into your dry ingredients, give it a good stir with the spatula and you’re good to go. After 40mins in the oven, I took out the banana bread, perfectly golden brown and smelling glorious. I cut a piece and took a bite right after I turned it out of the pan and boy it was love at first bite. I knew right away that this is going into my list of staple sweet items. It’s called bread but I’d say it’s somewhere in between a bread and a cake. It is one of those baked items which you can whip up and enjoy anytime at home or even take to someone’s place instead of just a pound cake. It looks better than a pound cake but requires half the effort. Win-win!

What I’m trying to say is don’t misunderstand banana breads because they contain bananas, they don’t smell strongly of banana at all, rather they are so hearty and wholesome you’ll feel good eating it. So next time you have over-ripe bananas in the house, don’t give up on them, use them to make a banana bread or if you can’t wait get some over ripe bananas from the store and make them today. Your life, your choices!

This is the recipe I used:

I just replaced white sugar with brown sugar.Keep in mind, baking times may vary.

They taste best when they are warmed or toasted I’d say.

Random takeaway: There’s something oddly satisfying about mashing bananas, you should try it.