All this (good) food in this much money?! | What I had in Nepal

You get to know a lot about a place from the type of food they serve. On my recent visit to Kathmandu and Pokhara I’ve tried out some amazing food places that truly show how the food scene in these places has grown to fit the taste of the wave of tourists that flock these areas. Nepal overall is a great place to enjoy tasty food at really cheap prices. To add to that, their portions are really generous too. The bill would always come less than what we’d expect. Which is why every time I was left exclaiming to myself “All this food in this much money?!”

So here’s a not-so-little rundown of the variety of food that got my heart singing:

Thamel (Kathmandu):

New Orleans Cafe: Visited this place on our first day at Kathmandu. It was around 4pm and we hadn’t eaten anything since we got off the plane at around 1pm. So this cafe with their big portions and even bigger plates and bowls served us well. We ordered a plate of Momos and two types of pasta. Among them the momo tasted the best as both the pastas were a bit too bland for our taste-buds. Overall the food was not amazing but the courtyard style interior with laid back sitting arrangements and intriguing tourists made up for it.

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That time I went trekking…and what I ate on the way

Trekking….you might be thinking what relation does it have to baking. Well let me make it clear right now, it does not. And that is what I was about to find out when I ventured on a 12day trekking trip in Nepal without any prior experience- The Manaslu Circuit Trek. The idea was obviously quite foolish but it had been a while since I had done something new, something totally out of my comfort zone and I really wanted to re-discover myself in a different setting. So off I went, throwing caution to the wind and this is the story of how it went and what I ate on the way. Continue reading