Croissants | 6 tips for making bakery style Croissants at home

As you might know I took an attempt (a successful one if i say so myself) to make Croissants a few months back.Even though I do not have a personal recipe to share, here are some things I’ve learned on the way which might come handy if you ever gather up the patience to make Croissants.


I’ve followed this recipe and I’ve found it to be pretty great! The GIF images to go with the instructions makes it really helpful!

  1. The key is to keep it cool….your head and your dough.
  2. Making the dough actually takes 15mins at max. What takes time is the layering and the cooling.
  3. You have to keep the dough cool to the touch at all times. I cannot emphasize this enough. You cannot work with a Croissant dough for too long at room temperature because if you roll the dough for too long the butter inside starts melting and oozing out.
  4. Keep turning the dough over as you roll. Don’t be like me and keep rolling with all your might on one side. Because then you will find out that the neglected side has gotten stuck to the surface making it impossible to lift the dough. So after rolling one side 5 to 6 times, gently pick it up using your rolling pin and turn it over.
  5. When shaping, dip your fingers in flour. It makes handling the dough easier.
  6. Even though the baking time is specified the ovens we bake in often vary in heating. For example, I’ve found out after a lot of half baked cakes and burnt cookies that my oven heats up too much. So keep your nose out for the smell…you’ll know that the croissants are done when your house starts smelling of that warm buttery goodness ^_^

Croissant Collage 1

Clockwise: This is the butter, grated then flattened and then placed over the dough that has been rolled once.

Croissant Collage 2

The morning after- Time for the final rolling and shaping! If you look closely at the dough you can see the really thin layers :3

The biggest take-away from my first attempt is that making Croissants is not hard, it’s just tedious. The recipe for making them is pretty straightforward so if you just follow the process with patience and conviction, you too will be able to put out flaky, golden and beautiful bakery style Croissants in no time!


Go ahead, try it! It will be a great arm work out too :p


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