Of abandoned birthday cakes and over-indulgence|What I ate in Singapore

My recent trip to Singapore was a great one and here’s a not-so little highlight reel of (almost) all that I ate.

On my first morning, I went for a classic Eggs benedict with Salmon. Usually, the sight of a single poached egg with its runny yolk is what makes my morning every day now imagine how happy I was to see not one but two poached eggs together 😀

The Asian Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy Awards (AMES):

AMES was held at the Grand Hyatt and the food was as exquisite as is expected from such a renowned hotel chain. From the mains there was a really tasty Sea Bass but what stole the show for me was their selection of salads notably the caprese salad, the octopus salad and the roast beef salad. I was really tempted to go for seconds but I needed to keep space for dessert!

When it came to dessert I picked, raspberry tart, chocolate cake, vanilla cake with strawberries, apple strudel, cheesecake and a walnut tart. I love tarts in general and these bite sized ones just stole my heart! So much so that I picked up some more blueberry ones afterwards. The Apple strudel was a bit too heavy for my liking but the cheesecake was just amazing! I wanted to have more but sadly my stomach capacity wouldn’t allow me to do so.

So that was lunch. In the evening they served scallops with coriander sauce, which were really tasty! Let’s just say I went back so many times that at one point the chef who was preparing it behind the counter started giving me a knowing look with a smile every time I was walking back towards the counter.


Starbucks: There were some mandatory Starbucks drinks as well. Ordered this Java chips one (don’t remember the exact name but it was really good!) when I met my friend Wasi for the first time in Singapore! Whipped cream makes me as happy as a kid with balloons.

Noodles: I’m a big fan of noodles in life so obviously I tried a few types of noodles at Sg. From left stir fried hor fun and crispy duck noodles from various Kopitiams.

I also had my fair share of sweet treats on the go. Like this delightful tiramisu from Artisan Boulangerie Co. which is quite a popular bakery chain in Sg. This odd carrot juice from Starbucks; I’ll just say it’s not undrinkable. Thenn, Caramel popcorn which is a must have for me on every bidesh trip. I don’t understand why we don’t have caramel popcorn here yet, it’s not that difficult I assume.


Then these yogurt creations at Llaollaos. It’s said to be a healthy dessert as it has frozen yogurt and fruits as its base but then who are they kidding, look at all those toppings and the chocolate and caramel syrup dripping all over it. 

Then these tasty ice cream wafers from the streetside, which are just a slab of ice cream sandwiched between two pieces of wafers. It’s such a no-brainer, makes you think why haven’t I ever tried this at home. We tried the jackfruit flavour and a strawberry flavoured one and both were very equally delightful (although I might be biased because I like jackfruit). :p


Now I’d like to give a special shout out to my best friend Wasi for taking me around some great food places in Singapore. He put aside a whole Sunday to take me to his favourite spots and food places in Singapore 😀 However, I’m glad it was only one day because when it comes to food my friend is such an enabler -_-. If I continued this pattern of eating I would’ve come back shaped like a potato.

Academy Roasters Coffee (A.R.C): We actually discovered this place because of our friend Abrar who is quite the coffee enthusiast (I mean the first thing he bought for his apartment was a coffee machine :p). Apparently their coffee is really good so he asked us to take a packet of coffee from there for him and being the amazing friends we are we hunted that place down and gots him his beloved coffee from A.R.C.  While there, we tried their coffee and it was actually good. I’m not much of a coffee lover but I really loved the décor and ambiance of the place and for that I could totally see myself being a regular at that place.

Drury Lane Café: Apparently, Wasi’s favourite meal of the day is brunch and he really wanted to check out this place as it has some great reviews and rightfully so I must say. I was almost wooed by the dessert selection but then I reminded myself…brunch Zyma, that’s why you’re here. I had Eggs benedict with spinach and turkey bacon and a strawberry and banana milkshake. They were both top-notch! Then…I just couldn’t leave without tasting their dessert but we stuck to the brunch theme and ordered a Kaya toast with Nutella.


Marché: It’s one of Wasi’s favourite places to eat so it was only fair that we didn’t eat anything the rest of the day to keep space for some major feasting! We ordered Roast chicken, a Savoury Crepe and Rosti. All of them tasted amazing! Then of course I wouldn’t leave the place without dessert. We were quite full so we decided to share a slice of Strawberry Cream shortcake. With its light vanilla sponge and fresh strawberries it turned out to be a perfect complement to all the heavy eating we did earlier. 

Lastly, a few days before I left we hit up Piedra Negra-Wasi’s favourite Mexican food place at Haji lane and by that time it had become somewhat of a rule that we have to order three items for the 2 of us. So we had Nachos, Burritos, Enchiladas and a Guacamole (which, I must say, much to my best friend’s disappointment was not my favourite).


Apart from all this, on the days we were out till late, doing tourist-y things we had some trusty old 7 eleven meals and they were actually not that bad.


So as you can see my food experience in Singapore was almost as varied as the people and culture of the country. However, I’d still want to go back to try some Laksa and Fried Carrot cake and Kaya toast breakfast.

Thank you for sticking till the end so here’s a photo of an abandoned birthday cake we found by the road. I have one thing to say to whoever did that. I understand you were mad at someone but what did the cake ever do to you?!





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