The Best Red Velvet Cupcakes in Dhaka!


Red Velvet the name itself gives off an air of mystery.While the red color catches your eye, its the cream cheese frosting that is the hero of this creation.Whether as a cake or a cupcake, this dessert usually tastes as amazing as it looks. A lot of places in Dhaka now have Red Velvet cake or cupcake in their menu and after tasting a variety of them and carrying out some informal surveys, here are the top places in Dhaka where you can get your Red Velvet fix. I’ve also given them a score out of 10 based on 3 factors, taste, appearance and price:

  • Bittersweet: One of the first dessert places to introduce the Red Velvet cupcake. Appearance wise I must say, their ones look the best, with a vibrant red cupcake and a beautiful, almost perfect swirl of cream cheese frosting.The texture of the cupcake is quite moist but it appears a bit tough if you try to eat it right after taking it out of the fridge but then that’s the case with most cupcakes.The cream cheese frosting tastes divine with a perfect hint of lemon zest.Also, I’ve found them to be the most generous with the cream cheese frosting. So if you’re a fan of the glorious cream cheese frosting more than the cake, this is the place for you!
    However, this is the most expensive cupcake in the lot with a price of 220+vat. Then again, one does deserve a sweet treat from time to time! Overall, I’d give this a score of 9/10.

Tk. 250+

  • Tastebud: This place offers the Red Velvet in cake, cupcake and mini-cupcake form, so lot’s of variety there. The cupcakes and cake almost call out to you with their pretty liners and nice red garnish over the top of the frosting.The cake texture was a bit crumbly and dry and their cream cheese frosting is more on the sour side but overall everything balances out and the cupcake tastes quite good! Another great thing is that you can custom order their Red Velvet cakes too! I’d give this score of a 7/10.
Tk. 160+

Tk. 160+

  • Kiva Han: I’ll admit that I was not aware of Kiva Han’s Red Velvet cake and cupcake until I heard a few of my friends rave about it. So I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised. The cake is soft and the texture is solid and the cream cheese frosting does not disappoint either. With a price of Tk 120+ it can’t get any better than this. This cupcake’s a winner in terms of taste and price! That’s why I’d give this an 8.5/10.
    They also have some offers on their Red Velvet cake and cupcake for Valentine’s Day from 10th -15th February, you can check out their page for details.

Tk. 120+

  • George’s Cafe: Since I’m not a native of Uttara, I had only heard tales of George’s Cafe’s Red Velvet Cupcake, until a few days back when I made a friend who lives in Uttara, get it for me. Let me start by saying, at first look it was quite the bummer to find that their cupcake was missing a cupcake liner (c’mon, being a home baker, even I don’t make cupcakes without liners). While, appearance wise it looks like a Red Velvet, in terms of taste I’d call it a close cousin of the Red Velvet cupcake. This is mostly due to the frosting which was very light and airy unlike a cream cheese frosting which is on the heavier side. That being said, the frosting and the cupcake was quite tasty; it just did not taste like a regular Red Velvet cupcake. Therefore, as a Red Velvet cupcake I’d give this a 6/10.
    Also, sadly during transportation the cupcake toppled over, hence I’m having to use an image taken from the internet.

Tk. 150

  • Crimson Cup: This place introduced Red Velvet cupcake quite recently.Appearance wise their cupcakes looks quite similar to Tastebud’s cupcakes but in terms of taste I’d say they score better on the frosting even though I didn’t find the quantity of frosting too satisfactory. The texture of the cupcake is a bit dry if you have it by itself but with the frosting, it does not taste bad at all! So overall, I’d give this a 6/10.


    Tk. 160+

  • Iram’s Cafe: This is another new find and they serve Red Velvet cake only.I must give it to them, their cake slices look so nice and are cut so neatly you almost don’t want to dig into it at first. Then when you do, you find a rich cake, generously layered with frosting that, as one of my friends said “reminds you of the cakes you had had when you were a child.” Their cream cheese frosting is heavy yet there’s a slightly tangy flavour to it which doesn’t make it seem so. At 180 per slice it’s quite good! So I’d give it a 7/10.

Tk. 180

  • Your Home!: If you have the time and energy, you can bake some Red Velvet cupcakes yourself! The method of making this cake is a bit different but it’s no rocket science! Trust me, you’ll feel quite accomplished if you make them yourself and as a bonus you get to lick a bowl of cream cheese frosting all by yourself- isn’t that thought delightful! Here’s the link to my favourite red velvet cupcake recipe if you want to try it out, I’ve made a batch of 50 cupcakes* (photo given below) with this recipe and it didn’t disappoint.

*Just note that I don’t add the heavy whipping cream in the cream cheese frosting



So there you go, here are my top picks for places to go for your Red Velvet cravings but of course it’s not an exhaustive list. Let me know which one’s your favourite and if there are any new places in town that should be included in this list! 🙂

My goodness, the number of times I’ve written red velvet in this post….and eaten for this review…..:|


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