Chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed Brownies – Yes please!

A chocolatey, fudgy, soft Brownie, can do wonders to your mood but if you think that’s not enough decadence for you, you can take it a step further and stuff some cookie dough into it!
Cookie dough stuffed brownies- Yes people! Such a thing exists; but then you wouldn’t know it if you saw it. At first sight it looks just like your average brownie with a satin-y ganache over it, the one you know so well and probably have tasted various versions of. Then you take a bite and discover that tucked inside this brownie is a world of slightly crunchy chocolate cookie dough waiting to greet you with arms wide open.

This match made in heaven was not my brainchild though, it came from this wonderful woman:

For this dessert, you need to prepare three items. A brownie batter, cookie dough and chocolate ganache, using any standard recipe you have at hand for each.

aaThe process of making these are quite straightforward. Prepare the brownie batter and the cookie dough according to the instructions. Pour the brownie into your square baking pan, make little balls from the cookie dough and drop them (GENTLY) onto the brownie batter. The cookie dough balls will not drown in the brownie batter but do not worry, they don’t have to as we’re going to cover it all up with some silky chocolate ganache after the whole thing is baked. So bake the brownies according to the instructions of your brownie recipe, let them cool completely, prepare the ganache and pour it over the brownie.

Now the waiting game will begin which is the hardest step! To let the ganache set put it in the refrigerator and forget about it for an hour or so. If that proves to be difficult,for reinforcement, you can lock the fridge, give the key to your bua to hide it somewhere you won’t be able to find and then get out of our house.


You might think it’s a bad idea, an over the top idea but let me tell you it’s all in your head. The same head that will thank you for introducing it to this little piece of happiness that is the Cookie dough stuffed brownies. So go ahead, treat yo-self, you deserve it. We all do because we’re all survivors!


Here are the links of where I got my recipes from:

BROWNIE: For the brownie, you can use your standard brownie recipe (if you have any). I used my go-to brownie recipe which is…*drum-roll*  a “cake-type” brownie recipe from the most legendary culinary book in Bangladesh, Siddiqua Kabir’s Recipe!

For the cookie dough I used the “cookie dough filling” recipe from this link:


Random discovery: Cookie dough by itself tastes…uh-may-zing! I had to use all my mental strength to stop myself from eating it all up before putting it in the brownie.



2 thoughts on “Chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed Brownies – Yes please!

    • Hey!Thanks! Also, the cookie dough filling recipe that I’ve used here [] does not have raw eggs 🙂

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