Weather Friendly Frosting: Ganache

img_9310Dearest reader, is the humidity getting to you too?

The weather in Dhaka, Bangladesh is definitely not frosting friendly this time of the year. Between the heat and the rain, it’s a mission to keep piped frosting upright during an outdoor event. But have no fear; we’re here to do the testing! Here are two frosting that (in my experience) have been able to endure the crazy character that is Bangladeshi weather.

Swiss meringue Buttercream has img_9254by far been the most dependable. It has definitely proven it’s worth both in the blazing heat and in the pouring rain, but try to minimize the exposure (I can tell you that SMB can stand an hour and a half in the Dhaka heat, but be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight).

Whipped ganache follows in at number two. While it is better to avoid it in higher temperatures, it can be quite the stand-up frosting on a humid, rainy day. Note: The whipped ganache maintained its shape and height for two and a half hours on quite a stormy night a few weeks ago, which is as long as I would recommend for you to keep it outdoors.

Ganache is simply a silky combination of cream and chocolate, and it’s one of the easiest recipes out there. It can be used to fill cakes or pastries, or to give a velvety finish to cakes and cupcakes.


There are a few different ways to use ganache, butthere are two that I like best: you could take a no-nonsense approach and pour it over every edible surface you can find, or whip it up into a nice chocolate cream. I quite enjoy the way Alice describes it in her blog Savory Sweet Life.

For one particularly thundery evening this rainy season, my sister and I made a cupcake dala of chocolate cupcakes and whipped ganache.





The engagement that we were privileged to make it for was spectacular: there was a strong wind, a beautiful bride in red, a rooftop marked in colour and a sky decorated with lightning.



– A


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